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About Me

I have always been a dreamer. One who seen no limitations. Due to this, I have chosen dozens of career paths. I am a dabbler of many arts, and a collector of awards. I like to see myself as the Modern Renaissance woman.There is little I have not tried, and very little that makes be feel unable. I believe if I put my mind to it, it I can do it. So there is little to my limitations.
I believe I can do the same with my work with you. You can only be elevated with beautiful souls.
To improve is to change;
to achieve perfection
is to understand adaptation
See my Acting, Modelling, UGC Portfolio for examples of my latest work. Like what you see? If you’d like to collaborate, please get in touch.

Business, Marketing & UGC ConsultingNeed Business or Marketing consultation? My background is in Start Ups, Marketing specializing in social media marketing and Business creation.Within business development, I strive to help companies develop in business strategies, expand in their marketing capacity, create a plausible business.I assist in the empowerment of new business owners and help maintain their community impact and economic growth structure.What I can do:
- Branding strategization
- Business Development
- Marketing and Target Market Management
- Social Media Promotion
- Commercial Promotion
- Digital Marketing
At this time, I am not taking on anymore clients for Business and/or Marketing Consulting.But if you would like, User Generated Content, I can collaborate with you and/or your company. I specialize in lifestyle, fashion, food, and beauty! Although I have my specialities, I love collaborating with all kinds of brands to reach their target audience, no matter what, or who you are.My experience as a Social Media Manager allows me to not only produce creative content, help small businesses align themselves better with target consumers, and niche audiences.

Examples of my work:

I have done photography of products since 2017, and found that the general population loves UGC content as it is personal opinion, over brand created videos and photography.

My previous work includes modelling, acting as well as content creation where work has been published in over two dozen magazines as well. So if you'd like a story teller on your side. Please contact me for further consultations.

Examples of my personal involvement:

I love organizing photoshoots for companies as well as creating content for companies myself. Did you know 79% of consumers purchase off of UGC content. UGC shows brand authenticity and relatability. This creates a bottom up approach to getting your products to the consumers organically.

Past work & Collaborations Include

KO Studio
Name 3 Songs
Macrame Salon
Embrace the Space
X9 Official
Limited By AW
Pop of Flash
Simplistic Look
Pretty Little Bastard
Wild Abandon Jewelry
Mint Smile Bar
Sirius Attire
Wella Hair
Nova Blis
Darlene's Darlings


Height: 5'3 ft / 160.02 cm
Waist: 25 in / 63.5 cm
Bust: 33.9 in / 72 cm
Hips: 39 in / 99.06 cm
Shoe: US 7.5 / 38 EU
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


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